Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of products is allowed to be export by your company?

Ans: Agro produce, food items, solid minerals etc … “Agricultural produce”.

Q: Do you have any specific Country where you export to ?

Ans: We export to any country in the world in as much as we have committed clients.

Q: How do we confirm the quality of your products before placing order?

Ans: We are prepared to send samples of our products when and where it is required for our clients to test and confirm the quality.

Q: How Do you Package Your products ?

Ans: Packaging is done in line with our customers request but in most cases we package either in 80 kg for Raw Cashew Nuts with Shell, 25kg to 50kg with other products. We use brand new Jute bag for Raw Cashew Nuts with Shell while we use new plain white Polypropylene bags for other products.

Q: How Do you carry out pre-shiment inspection for your product?

Ans: We have two main pre inspection agents here in Nigeria which are SGS and Bureau Veritas. Our clients will specify which of them to use. Our client can either ask us to contact their choice directly in Nigeria or they can make the contact in their country.

Q: What Are you payment terms ?

Ans: We always prefer the Irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit but if the buyer has an alternative method that is secure to both parties, it can be considered.

Q: Do your company have financial capacity to meet up with your clients request irrespective of the volume ?

Ans: Yes. We have a very good relationship with our bankers here in Nigeria and we have been offered credit line to execute most of our orders provided they are Letter of Credit transactions.

Q: Which Document are required for clearing goods or products

Ans: The required documents are normally specified by our clients. Some of the documents includes and not limited to:

  • Original Copies of Bill Of Lading-3 Copies.
  • Original copy of Inspection Report/Certificate.
  • Original Certificate of Origin
  • Original Photosanitary Certificate
  • Original of Euro 1 for European countires.

Q: Do you pay visit to your clients irrespective of their Location?

Ans: Yes, we have visited our customers in Germany, Spain, Brazil, U.K, Poland and India.

Q: Where Do you see you Organisation in few years to come?

Ans: To be the best exporting company in Nigeria known for high level of Integrity and transparency that is second to none.